Wood Fire Workshop with Kiln Opening Show & Sale -- September 26 - October 6, 2019

The BIG POT guys from Omaha are coming back! They are going to help us load and fire the three gigantic pots that Dan made at the Big Pot Workshop last May -- plus a lot of other pieces.

All potters and students are invited to participate in this Wood Fire Workshop. The registration fee is only $20. This is 'come-and-go-as-you-please' -- spend as much, or as little time as you like helping with the firing. (you will need to be present for unstacking on Saturday October 5 and to show and sell your work on Sunday October 6) Food and drink during the workshop are 'BYO pot luck'.

We will stack and fire both of our big wood kilns. Registered participants can bring pots to fire and sell at the Kiln Opening Show & Sale on Sunday October 6


  • Registered Participants ($20 registration fee)
    • Participate to fit your schedule
    • Bring pots to fire (cone 6 to 9 - for salt or regular glaze firing)
    • $3 per pound firing charge (no guarantees)
    • Sell your ware at the Kiln Opening Show & Sale on Sunday October 6 (you can bring other pots to sell even if they were not fired at the Workshop -- 25% commission on sales)
  • Deadlines 
    • Thursday September 12 -- Registration fee paid to have your name included on the Kiln Opening Show & Sale invitation. 
    • Thursday September 12 -- Provide your email list of people you want to invite to the Kiln Opening Show & Sale
    • Thursday September 26 -- Deliver your pots to be fired
  • Other Dates
    • September 26 - 29 -- Kiln prep and stacking
    • September 29 - October 1 -- Firing
    • October 2 - 4 -- Cooling and clean up
    • Saturday October 5 -- Unstack
    • Sunday October 6 -- Kiln Opening Show & Sale

Questions? -- Contact Carl: or 970-217-5759

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