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Decorating with Sarah

Spend a pleasant afternoon decorating hand-thrown tea bowls with Sarah Judson, a master freehand ceramic decorator with more than forty years experience. You will be able to decorate as many of your own tea bowls as you would like with a variety of colors. Then, watch your favorite tea bowl Raku fired before your very eyes. Your decorated piece will be pulled red hot from the kiln, carbonized, and cooled in water. This fast pace firing process will allow you to use your tea bowl right after the firing, a process as close to magic as you can get!

Selected Friday afternoons 1:30 - 4:30 by reservation. $100 per person (limit 4). Tea will be served.

Sarah's work ranges from earthenware majolica to high fire stoneware. In this afternoon, she will work with a variety of techniques in order to enliven each piece with a unique and gestural decoration. You will get to learn the importance of using specific brushes, as well as practice the art of letting go of the many imperfections in our lives.

Sarah Judson decorating a plate with free-style brushwork.



Part of the beauty in Sarah's work involves varied yet patterned décor . Nothing is measured, exemplifying an intuitive, handmade feel one cannot reproduce in another piece. Raku is similar, in that each piece is pulled out of the fire in a certain way.


Raku firing at the Ranch


Raku is a process of quickly firing pottery and pulling it directly out of the kiln. It is a great way to easily experience the magic of the fire.


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