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Big Pot Workshop at Judson Pottery

Demonstration and Discussion - Beer Clinic - Pig Roast

Featuring Master Potters Dan Toberer and Tim Barry

DAN TOBERER is an Omaha native, who in his mid-twenties found his artistic direction grounded in clay and other elemental materials.

He is a founding member of Omaha Clay Works and studied under Les Bruning learning mold making, casting, and fabricating metal.

In clay, Dan’s work focuses on large thrown vessels and utilizes wood as well as gas firing to finish his work. His studio is located in the Hot Shops Pottery with Tim Barry where he teaches classes and produces his work.

Beginning in 2004, a fellow potter and long-time friend introduced Dan to homebrewing. Like pottery, from the beginning Dan felt a connection to the process and its endless outcomes.

With the craft brewing scene in full swing, Dan started noting references in online articles to ancient brewing techniques – big clay amphorae were among the early vessels for fermentation.

In 2015, an Omaha startup brewery commissioned Dan to make four 35-gallon vessels for secondary fermentation. Dan was hooked both on the process and the big pots to make it happen.  


TIM BARRY has been in clay for forty-four years. He studied with Ken Ferguson at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), where he earned his BFA. He has taught Creighton University and KCAI.

Over twenty years ago, Tim helped found the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska, and is its Managing Director.

With four anchor studios, Bruning Sculpture, Hot Shops Pottery, CK Fabrication, and Crystal Forge making up the heart of the Hot Shops – the molten nature of their work giving it its “hot” name. The Hot Shops Art Center also hosts over 80 studio artists, as well as multiple gallery spaces.

With the help of Dan Toberer, Tim runs the Hot Shops Pottery. Over the years, much of Tim’s work has focused on large public works with an emphasis on imaginative architectural tile work.

From 1982 to 1987, Tim worked at Judson Pottery, helping to develop tile equipment for Bluebird Manufacturing. After leaving Judson Pottery, Tim joined forces with Bob Wilson in Omaha to produce a wide range of custom architectural tile and terra cotta work.

 Tim brings a wealth of problem solving know-how to the field of ceramics – there isn’t much he hasn’t tried – and succeeded at!

THE WORKSHOP will center around Dan Toberer's demonstration of making big pots. While Dan is working on the pots, Tim Barry will lead discussions on subjects varying from public commissions to technical issues to arts marketing. Participants will be able to direct the discussion to topics that they are interested in. Tim's encyclopedic knowledge of the arts and crafts world will allow participants to ask a wide range of questions and likely get answers.There will be work by Dan and Tim for sale after the workshop.

The workshop will also include a beer clinic where Dan will share his knowledge of home brewing from ancient brewing techniques with big clay amphora to secondary fermentation in his specialized large pots. Some of his home brewed beer will be available for participants to try.

After the workshop there will be a pig roast BBQ that all attendees are invited to attend. Vegetarian alternatives will be available.

Date: May 18, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $75 per person - includes snack lunch and afternoon / evening BBQ (15% goes to Nebraska Flood Relief)
To Register: Contact Carl Judson at 970-217-5759 or
Limit 20 attendees

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